Wednesday, April 3, 2019

2019-04-04 - Mortality and Nakedness


  1. 2 SAM. 7:1-17
    PSALM 24
    EPH. 2:11-22
    MARK 14:32-52

  2. Zut alors (untranslatable French expression of frustration). I was just about to submit a lengthy comment, I stepped away from the computer for literally thirty seconds, and it disappeared without a trace. Here's the sparknotes version:

    In 2 Samuel 5:14, it mentions that David had a son named Nathan. Is this the same guy as Nathan the prophet?

    Those traditions surrounding the random naked man are fascinating. It reminds me of what happens to Orual when she finally gets to make her case against the god of the mountain in Till We Have Faces.

    What a beautiful piece of music!

  3. I am curious about Ephesians 2:14-18. Chesterton might be known as the master of paradox, but I think St. Paul earned the title first. Jesus came and preached peace? What about "I did not come to bring peace but strife, and turned parent against child"?

    I think that the tradition of the gates is also often applied to Mary, especially in Ezekiel. That's what the gates thing brought to mind.

    Wow, that is really interesting on the young man.