Sunday, March 31, 2019

2019-04-01 - The Conspiracy of Unreality


  1. Pilate must be thoroughly sick of the whole matter. It's their problem, not mine! Let them deal with it!
    It almost seems like the Pharisees have more faith in what Jesus said than the Apostles.

    You notice that Paul says "to the holy ones in Ephesus", not "O stupid Ephesians!" I think that maybe the Ephesians are more solid than the Galatians....? Actually I think that Ephesus might have been the place where Mary lived with John. So they are probably more established.

    Lots of interesting stuff in Proverbs (I cannot believe I'm saying that).

    I'll watch Unplanned, but not in theaters. If Bella and October Baby were almost too much at home, I don't think it would be wise to go to theaters and watch it.

    Same with the Me Before You movie. That was being advertised some a few years ago, as a pro-euthanasia movie. It was based on a book. I heard the general plot and it was really sad.

  2. I know this might sound really bad, but it's a question that won't leave me. Why is Proverbs in the Bible? What makes it worth studying? I'm not trying to be a cynic; I really want to know. It seems to my young, inexperienced, tired mind that it's mere life advice from a pre-revelation-of-justice-in-afterlife perspective. But there has to be some good reason.

    Yeah, an empty tomb and a "He's gone, so he must have risen" story woudn't be convincing. Not to mention the fact that the scribes and Pharisees pretty much turned the whole city against Jesus. My overtired mind is making me wonder if they wanted a guard not so much to keep the apostles out, but rather to keep Jesus in... Argh, my brain can't come up with any meaningful thoughts.

    If these first fourteen verses are any indicator, Ephesians will take a LOT of unraveling. I wonder if it is the same Ephesus, Gabbby. That would be really interesting.

    1. It is the same Ephesus!

      I will answer the question about Proverbs under Gabby's comment.

  3. I have wondered that about Proverbs before as well. Also Ecclesiastes....

    1. Gabby, I say (and Peter Kreeft says) that Ecclesiastes is in the Bible to show the emptiness of a cynical, meaningless point of view (a modern point of view). He points out that the name of God does not appear at all in Ecclesiastes ("Jehovah" / "Yahweh", typically represented as the LORD in all caps in most translations, since the Jews would not pronounce the name). I think it's the only book in Scripture that does not contain the name of God.

      As for Proverbs - yes, it's dreary stuff. But the basic point of the proverbs is true: good has even worldly advantages over evil. I think it's in the Bible to show the shallowness of a correct, but merely worldly outlook. After the inspired talk about Wisdom in the first several chapters, the rest of the book (the mere proverbs) have nothing to do with God, really. Not only do they see no afterlife, they see the world alone and human action in it; they are wise, but merely worldly wise. They are not wrong, but they are not the Psalms, for instance, which are always all about God - even when focusing on the life of man.

      By the way, even after the little bit of Scripture study we've done, you guys are miles ahead of my Debate students, who (whenever Scripture comes up in a debate) merely vamp, or fill time bloviating about books they've obviously never read.

    2. You know, that makes sense. Thank you!

      Bloviating, eh? There's a hundred dollar word. It describes 99% of the homilies the local pastor give, haha.